We are looking for Moderators for a new official Cars Forum in Aimoo.



Main duties:


Manage the category to which you are assigned.


Invite new members.

Answer questions from members.

Encourage membership activity.




Must be a lover of Cars.

Have enough time to deal with threads every day.

Encourage your members to discuss the cars and recommend new capable Moderators.

Comply with forum rules.

Make suggestions for the development of the forum.


Your Privileges:


You will be an official Moderator of Aimoo and enjoy official members privileges. If you have a forum in Aimoo, you will be given free Diamond Service each month while are a Moderator.


If you have no forum in Aimoo, we will open a VIP Service free for you.


If or when you have managed your Category successfully for five months, you will be upgraded to an Administrator of this official forum, provided you are familiar with all the cars in the forum.






Car Park:

The Car Lounge ,Car Maintenance 
Car Makes & Models :

Audi ,Bentley ,BMW ,Cadillac ,Camaro  and many more
Auto Trading Platform :

Buy New Cars  , Buy Second-hand Car, Used Auto Parts & Car Recycling

You may recommend other cars which are not included and we will do our utmost to meet your needs.


If you are not an Aimoo member, click here to register. To create a free forum, please click here.

While, I have created the forum Cars Club for you and you can see the preview now. The skin will be changed at a later date.


If you would like to be considered to be a Moderator of the Cars Forum, please reply giving the name of the Cars you would be interested in managing. If you list more than one sub-category, please put them in order of preference. If you are approved, you may or may not get your first choice.

If you prefer not to post publicly, you can send a PM to me, Haldis. I’m an official Manager in Aimoo.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please let me know.


You just a practice moderator during the first month after you apply. And you won’t enjoy diamond free for your own forum during the first month. After the first month, we will hold the competition for Official Mods. During the first month, you will accept supervision of all members in Aimoo.
We will give scores 3 times according to your performance in your category. The judges include Aimoo Official Members, the members in your own category and the members I select randomly in ‘who’s on’.
The total scores will decide your fate.
If you win, you will be an Aimoo Official Moderator and enjoy the privileges above.
If you fail, you can apply for another month. We will give some prizes for your efforts during the month.
Well, you must manage the category well after you become an official moderator. If you don’t manage it well, you will also be fired.
Attention please, it is a professional forum.

The applicant, start practicing date, cut-off date, scores, total scores will be listed in next topic.
It begains when I post your name in the list, and I will inform of you by PM. Remember practicing time is 30 days.
After you apply for one, I think the first thing to do is adding contents in the forum. Invite more car lovers here.

Welcome to all Cars lovers who wish to share information and communicate in Aimoo and we hope you will have a good time.